Analytics and Visualizations

Quickly create Heads-Up Displays, a visualization designed for rapid understanding of problem areas. Or go deep with OI Advanced Visualizations featuring fast in-memory technology—all without technical knowledge.

Designed to graphically highlight problem areas based on pre-determined thresholds and variance sensitivity, OI’s rich analytics and visualization features provide users with real-time data and trending capability. Users have the ability to create custom Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) from an unlimited number of client-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) developed and maintained in the OI database. HUDs are a unique visualization designed to give you a birds-eye view of your operational and quality statistics, with an eye toward pinpointing problem areas quickly.

Hospitals can only improve those things that they can measure. OI gathers quality information from a variety of sources to assist the key stakeholders in achieving performance improvement and quality outcomes. OI gathers a comprehensive database of statistics required for governmental reporting, regulatory agencies, and in-house improvement plans. This data can be trended, filtered with drill-down capability, and available for distribution to the entire hospital management team.

OI Advanced Visualizations (OIAV) is a rich dashboard solution using insanely fast in-memory database technology. Users can create their own dashboards using a variety of advanced chart types, pivot grids and counters, with immediate access to drill-downs and filtering. Gone are the days of needing an entire department to build reports for you—now you can do it yourself, in very little time.