Corporate Consolidation

Combine income statements, balance sheets and payroll from dozens to hundreds of disparate hospitals and organizations, and roll them up seamlessly for unified side-by-side comparison.

OI’s Corporate Consolidation module provides consolidated financial, labor and statistical reporting across your entire enterprise. Whether your data is standardized or not, OI’s comprehensive crosswalk functionality converts your data to one or more standard reporting structures. Additionally, OI is source system agnostic, meaning importing and converting data from multiple brands of GL or other systems are readily handled. The module incorporates an advanced high-speed synchronization engine to continuously keep your data up-to-date.

The Corporate module includes a variety of standard financial, labor and statistical reports with drill-down, side-by-side, trending and enterprise-wide department comparisons. With OI’s advanced functionality and user-friendly web interface, your finance team will spend significantly less time on consolidations and report distribution.