Cost Accounting

Advanced unit cost calculations at the departmental activity level, including features to speed up the development and maintenance of cost drivers.

OI’s Cost Accounting module performs all of the necessary functions for developing unit costs at the departmental activity level. The module integrates with OI’s Financial Performance module to obtain actual and budget cost data used in the unit cost calculations.

Monthly flexible budgets are calculated and passed to the Financial module for reporting. Similarly, Cost Accounting calculates flexible FTE and salary budgets which are passed to the Labor Productivity module.

The module includes several innovative features to simplify cost driver development and ongoing maintenance. Users can select from several different methods when developing cost drivers at the Cost Type and Cost Category level. Indirect costs are calculated using the large step-down methodology.

The many standard reports include cost driver reasonableness and audit reports, current and proposed cost drivers, indirect allocation detail reports and detail and summary unit cost reports.