Patient Utilization and Clinical Financial Performance

Profitability analysis by service line, physician, case type, payor, and more, combining information from your billing and medical records systems with unit costs calculated in OI.

OI integrates cost and patient utilization data to report and analyze profitability by service line, physician, case type, payor, responsibility, and more. The user-interface is simple to use and provides numerous views to analyze and report on the data. Unlimited contribution analysis can be performed by product line, DRG, physician, location code, etc. Users can define an unlimited number of reports and assign up to seven layers of drill down to patient level utilization.

OI incorporates information from the client’s billing and medical records systems and actual and budget unit costs calculated by the Cost Accounting module to support unlimited demographic, clinical and physician data. Line item patient utilization detail is included to isolate specific issues in demographic groups or at the individual encounter level. OI enables users to complete physician comparisons, day of stay analysis, and identify utilization patterns.