Strategic Budgeting and What-If Modeling

Powerful yet simple to use top-down, case-based budgeting tool with robust modeling features and what-if comparisons.

OI’s Strategic Budgeting module is a powerful yet simple to use top-down, case-level budgeting tool. It gives the user the ability to do “what-if analysis”. The functionality allows users to build base models incorporating patient utilization, revenue and costs from other OI modules. Base models are adjusted for anticipated changes at various “nodes” throughout the user-defined roll-up structure. Inflation factors can be applied at the account or natural class level, and then a pro forma is generated. Models can be used for various what-if analyses and to create department/account level “guideline” budgets. Additionally, the module includes the ability to create multi-year forecasts based on year-by-year adjustments to “node” values and inflation factors.