[Omaha, NE] Healthcare software veteran, Oi Health (Organizational Intelligence) has announced the launch of its targeted cost accounting tool for community-focused hospitals, Oi Community Health. 

Designed to provide flexible decision support functionality in a smaller hospital context, the SaaS platform promises easy costing methodologies, accessible cost accounting, and future-proofing flexibility as a starting point to a relationship with the trusted industry veteran. 

CEO Bill Blair sees the tool as especially impactful in the current healthcare climate — “After considerable planning and effort, we’re most excited about this because of the value we know it’s going to provide community and critical access hospitals around the country. These hospitals support some of the most vulnerable communities in America, and they’re struggling to get a handle on their costs. They deserve a solution that will support them as cost accounting and understanding all of their financial data becomes even more critical for hospital survival. We’ve designed the software to meet that need in a way that’s easy for them.” 

The software’s flagship functionality enables hospitals with the strategies to provide expedited, streamlined, efficient costing methodologies. It additionally allows leadership to pull reports on their own without tapping additional staff resources, speeding decision-making — a benefit many will find indispensable during a pandemic that has taxed hospital staffing. COO, Jeff Lambert stresses the benefits of this type of flexibility for smaller hospitals, “This tool meets hospitals where they are. Instead of forcing smaller hospitals into the mindsets and practices of large hospitals and health systems, this allows them the flexibility to reach their costing goals in a streamlined way.”

But this isn’t Oi’s first venture into supporting hospitals through a pandemic. Existing partners have touted the effectiveness of their healthcare decision-support technology in supporting them through challenges related to COVID-19. 

Additionally, Oi Community Health provides a unique relationship with the vendor. To minimize partiality and maximize client value, hospitals have the option to work either with their own consultants to maximize use of the software, or turn to third-party resources recommended by Oi. 

The browser-based decision support software is the newest extension in the user experience-focused company’s lineup. Oi also supports hospitals of all sizes in strategic budgeting, labor, clinical financial performance, and capital planning. 

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