Next generation decision support for healthcare

Are you ready for the ultimate in healthcare decision support? Oi pairs rich reporting and modeling with an industry-leading user experience, letting you get to what matters most: results.

Better data means better decisions

Oi empowers your users to explore your organization’s data at every level—without needing any technical knowledge.

Easy to use

User-friendly, modern design—right inside your browser.

Fast and modern

Built using the latest innovative database technology.

Turn-key implementation

Everything you need to get started making decisions fast.

Single source of truth

All your information in one place, no matter what the source.

Self-service reporting

Design advanced visualizations and reports—no technical knowledge needed.

Comprehensive performance monitoring

Heads-up displays and thorough financial, productivity, and quality metrics—all in one place.

Power at your fingertips

Oi puts the industry’s most powerful decision making tools in the palm of your hand.


Industry-leading cost accounting

Oi lifts the veil on cost accounting with expert-level analysis.


World-class budgeting and forecasting

Finish your budgets in weeks, not months.

Powerful service line profitability analysis

Gain unprecedented insight into where your profits are really flowing.

Drill down in record time

Oi Advanced Visualizations with in-memory technology let you get to the heart of the matter—fast.


Be confident in your data

Oi’s stringent reject and integrity checks mean less time worrying, and more time doing.

How many data feeds are you running?

Oi’s devotion to Honest Data means…

One database. One data feed.

Unlike some “leading” solutions.

Faster reconciliation

Minimal time spent reconciling your data.

Fluent communication

Modules that communicate fluently with one another — without manual intervention.

One database. One system. One answer.

With Oi Health. 

Learn more about Honest Data and find out whether you’re risking your data integrity in a time of increasingly complex healthcare finance challenges.

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We have worked with Oi over the last several years implementing their cost accounting application. Without them, this project would not have been possible. Oi provided the resources necessary to move the project forward and their methodology minimizes the impact on patient care staff. The Oi team is not only an expert in cost accounting, but health care finance as well. We highly recommend them, their application, and process to health systems embarking on a cost accounting project.

David Claude

Director of General Accounting/Controller, Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System

Our primary goal was to have one vendor that could provide financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting and be robust enough for financial users and intuitive enough for non-financial users. The Oi suite of products accomplished that. They have a very detailed implementation process and excellent support staff which allowed our implementation to be completed on time.

Our department leaders enjoy working with the system and are able to easily drill down and identify problem areas. I strongly recommend Oi to other hospital CFOs to help support their financial and operational management goals.

Linda Dace

Vice President Finance/CFO, McDonough District Hospital

Oi has been a great company to collaborate with. They have professional staff that is knowledgeable and experienced in healthcare financial management. They always respond quickly to questions, problems and continuously are improving their software. I would recommend Oi to any hospital finance team.

Nicole Miller

Director, Decision Support, Evangelical Community Hospital

We believe data should be set free.

With Oi, you never have to ask someone else to build you a report. It’s all right there, ready to use, available in seconds. Explore your data your way, without any technical knowledge. It’s flexible, it’s fast—and dare we say, it’s even fun!

Be proactive

Heads-up Displays (pictured above) give you a birds-eye view of everything that matters, with clear color indicators when something’s going wrong.

Peel back the data onion

Oi stores all your data, down to the lowest level. Drill down to find the source of the problem and stamp it out—fast.

Inspire confidence

With automatic data ingestion, strict reject checks, and Oi’s innovative Integrity Checker, your data is always correct. 100% of the time.


Financial Performance

Robust reporting on general ledger data, journal entries and sub-system detail, with an integrated variance response workflow.

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Labor Productivity

Productivity reporting coinciding with your pay cycles, including powerful flexible budget calculations.

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Operational Budgeting

Point-and-click budgeting with the innovative Budget Wizard, advanced approval chain, and real-time reporting.

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Strategic Budgeting and What-If Modeling

Powerful yet simple to use top-down, case-based budgeting tool with robust modeling features and what-if comparisons.

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Capital Planning

Simplify the managing of the entire capital budget process with a highly configurable request workflow, detailed approval process, and powerful reporting.

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Cost Accounting

Advanced unit cost calculations at the departmental activity level, including features to speed up the development and maintenance of cost drivers.

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Patient Utilization and Clinical Financial Performance

Profitability analysis by service line, physician, case type, payor, and more, combining information from your billing and medical records systems with unit costs calculated in Oi.

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Analytics and Visualizations

Quickly create Heads-Up Displays, a visualization designed for rapid understanding of problem areas. Or go deep with Oi Advanced Visualizations featuring fast in-memory technology—all without technical knowledge.

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Corporate Consolidation

Combine income statements, balance sheets and payroll from dozens to hundreds of disparate hospitals and organizations, and roll them up seamlessly for unified side-by-side comparison.

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