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This Month’s Resources

Oi Healthcare News Roundup

The Next Generation of Budgeting for Healthcare

A look back at HFMA’s 2018 review of the shift from the extended budget process to newer methodologies. This article covers flex budgeting, continuous (rolling) budgets, and can be a useful review for any organization still in the process of optimizing their transition. 

This piece also covers the use of machine learning and AI in budgeting processes. 

Hospital execs expect drop in commercial reimbursement, cuts to revenue cycle IT budgets in wake of COVID-19: analysis

FierceHealthcare covers insights from a Guidehouse Center survey, reflecting health system executive expectations of a jump in self-pay customers and Medicaid patients accompanied by falling commercial reimbursements. 

This same group of executives exhibited an increase in considering drops in rev cycle IT systems from 2019, while looking at strategies to cut rev cycle costs and increase economies of scale. 

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