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Every month, we provide a curated overview of the healthcare finance news impacting hospitals, health systems, critical access providers, and community hospitals.

Community Hospital CFOs to Keep an Eye On

Community hospitals have a long financial road ahead of them. This means that keeping up with CFOs who have a strong history of leadership and proven success in their organizations could be a smart move to curate inspiration and new perspectives. 

Becker’s has put together a list of 50 community hospital CFOs to know for 2022. It includes leaders with decades of experience who manage multi-billion dollar operations. It also brings together leaders responsible for budget planning, materials management, and health information management. 

When Private Equity Comes for Rural Hospitals

This article from Kaiser Health Network explores the role of private equity investors and their move to buy up more of the system. It highlights astronomical growth over the last two decades and the impact on vulnerable communities who’d previously relied on independent hospitals. 

The article includes the perspective of a clinician who saw the transition to private equity ownership and patients who’ve been directly impacted by closures, supply shortages, and shifts in hospital spending. 

Moving Toward Streamlined and Crisis-Proof Hospital Operations

This article from HealthLeaders Media explores how hospitals can navigate pandemic recovery through improved efficiency in operations and patient care. While the pandemic has limited staff and supplies, these new constraints can be a source of inspiration in exploring new opportunities and creating improved efficiencies. 

The article stresses the importance of reliable data as reimbursement models shift to value-based contract arrangements and quality reporting becomes more critical to hospital health. 

Healthcare Workforce Survey for 2022

The most recent workforce survey from healthcare staffing vendor Vivian reviews the attitudes of healthcare professionals about jobs, mental health, career, and other key factors in the clinician experience. It also documents shifts from last year’s survey. Some key findings include:

  • Clinicians planning to leave healthcare: 67%
  • Clinicians planning to leave in the next 6 months: 11.3%
  • Top factors that would affect decisions to stay: Compensation, mental well being, staff to patient ratios
  • Those that believe morale has gotten worse in the last year: 76.4%

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Hospital CFO Moves

Recent hospital CFO moves include:

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