Perks of Joining the Oi Health Network

The Oi Health Partner Experience

Results: Drive Organizational Stability and Growth

Tap into the tangible financial results our partners celebrate


Labor Efficiency and Quick ROI

Get more done with less even while getting more out of your data through a system that quickly pays for itself. (Explore this Oi partner story…)


A Collaborative Partner on Your Financial Management Journey

Set data free with one source of truth that creates an organization-wide culture of financial responsibility, connecting contributors across your organization, regardless of technical ability. (Explore this Oi partner story…)


Proactive Response to a New World of Healthcare Challenges

Stay ahead of unpredictable changes in public health, healthcare staffing, and hospital and health system finance. (Explore this Oi partner story…)

Employee Retention and Recruitment: We Make You Look Good

Healthcare talent is at a premium. As shortages in nursing and physician talent pools persist, you need to leverage every angle possible to stand out. 

Signal to prospects and existing talent that you’re taking the financial steps necessary to give them what they want—stability and a future of increased potential economic incentives.

Your investment in smart healthcare financial decision support is tangible proof that you’re an outstanding healthcare employer invested in your staff’s long-term well being.

The How

We support the tactful announcement of your partnership with Oi Health. We’ll support you in creating the case studies, co-written thought leadership content, and press releases that highlight the best and brightest decisions in your organization.

Professional Development: An Ally in Your Career Growth

Connect with a tech partner invested in your ongoing education—keeping you ahead of challenges in your career as a healthcare financial leader. 


Network Intelligence: Access the Oi Health Knowledge Network

You’re joining a community of hospital and healthcare decision makers who prioritize financial results through technology that gets results.