Financial Performance

Robust reporting on general ledger data, journal entries and sub-system detail, with an integrated variance response workflow.

Labor Productivity

Productivity reporting coinciding with your pay cycles, including powerful flexible budget calculations.

Operational Budgeting

Point-and-click budgeting with the innovative Budget Wizard, advanced approval chain, and real-time reporting.

Strategic Budgeting and What-If Modeling

Powerful yet simple to use top-down, case-based budgeting tool with robust modeling features and what-if comparisons.

Capital Planning

Simplify the managing of the entire capital budget process with a highly configurable request workflow, detailed approval process, and powerful reporting.

Cost Accounting

Advanced unit cost calculations at the departmental activity level, including features to speed up the development and maintenance of cost drivers.

Patient Utilization and Clinical Financial Performance

Profitability analysis by service line, physician, case type, payor, and more, combining information from your billing and medical records systems with unit costs calculated in Oi.

Analytics and Visualizations

Quickly create Heads-Up Displays, a visualization designed for rapid understanding of problem areas. Or go deep with Oi Advanced Visualizations featuring fast in-memory technology—all without technical knowledge.

Corporate Consolidation

Combine income statements, balance sheets and payroll from dozens to hundreds of disparate hospitals and organizations, and roll them up seamlessly for unified side-by-side comparison.