Oi Community Health

Because community and critical access hospitals deserve advanced decision support

Community hospitals like yours need to manage your bottom line just like larger hospitals — this means you need flexible toolsets that scale to your needs and your budget.


Oi Community Health is the only financial decision support solution that provides the benefits of advanced cost accounting in a way that fits the goals and needs of community-focused hospitals. 


What is Oi Community Health?

Built by professionals dedicated to financially healthy hospitals and who understand the finance challenges in critical access scenarios, Oi Community Health is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, high-impact hospital decision support solution — one that fits the hospitals dedicated to serving our country’s smaller communities. 


Oi Community Health is the only specialized hospital finance decision support solution that doesn’t water down your results. 


That’s because we respect the fact that community-focused hospitals face a lot of the same challenges as sprawling hospital systems. We know you need powerful tools so that you can continue being the pillars of the community that you are. 

What does Oi Community Health provide for community-focused hospitals?

  • Advanced cost accounting, powerful enough for hospital systems, right-sized for community-based hospitals
  • Efficient costing from easy, user-empowering reporting


  • Improved financial management, decision-making, and performance thanks to increased transparency around clinical and financial operations


  • A fast start — get going with minimal installation expense and practically no training


  • Incredible value thanks to pricing that fits compact hospital budgets


  • Your gateway to a future of financial health as an entry point to Oi’s advanced suite of services including labor, budgeting, forecasting, and planning — all right-sized for community focused hospitals like yours

What sets Oi Community Health apart?

We’ve got deep roots in healthcare, and are confident in what we do, so we’ve developed a relationship model that fits the needs of hospitals like yours. Maintenance is part of the package — you won’t be charged mysterious fees just to keep your system running.  


We encourage you to work with third-party consultants of your preference (or our recommendation if needed) who will give you objective answers while working in your best interest, not ours. 


This keeps your consulting fees low and in your control, while pushing the value you’ll receive from Oi Community Health even higher.

Features That Make a Difference

Advanced Cost Accounting: Streamlined reporting

Turnkey Implementation: Everything you need to get started making decisions fast.

A Browser-Based, SaaS Platform: No burden of housing software on site, on local machines

Self-Service Reporting: Key insights in just a few clicks — for all users

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring: Stay on top of your most critical KPIs

Oi Pulse: We monitor all extracts and all systems meaning we can fix in minutes what might take other vendors an entire work day.

How Can We Evaluate Our Community Hospital Cost Accounting Options?

We want you to choose the solution that best fits your needs. That starts with good questions. Here are a few we recommend: 

  • What is the reporting experience like? 
  • How will you support our simple costing needs?
  • How is maintenance performed? 
  • Can we work with our own internal consultants? 
  • How much does your average customer pay you in consulting fees? 
  • Who catches performance issues in the system? Is this process automated? 

Want to learn more? Set up an appointment to talk about your cost accounting needs today.