Why Oi Health

Why Oi? The short answer is we’re healthcare people who help you build big-picture detail — and we do this through the power of honest data and empowered users. With over 40 years’ experience and over 55 hospitals and systems on our roster, we understand your challenges in a way nobody else can.

But this is just the start. Here are reasons your organization needs Oi as a healthcare data analytics partner today.


Your Present

  • Fast, easy implementation: All Oi modules are browser-based, making onboarding a breeze. Learn more about our onboarding at Columbia Memorial Hospital.
  • Flexible modules, customizable to your needs: This includes M&A, regulatory shifts, and tightening budgets.
  • We dig to find the story your data is telling: We don’t just collect data. We provide insights based on clean double-checked data you can trust.

Your Bottom Line

  • We believe in Honest Data: Oi makes sure your data tells the truth. We facilitate pinpoint, accurate, and financially sound decision-making from the start.
  • We’re results-focused: Our responsiveness and focus on tangible outcomes are invaluable resources in helping you reach all your financial objectives. We’re driven by the customer voice; we value your input in the software development process and Oi’s overall evolution.

Your People

  • Simplicity and insight your users will love: Oi solutions feature simple intuitive interfaces with low learning curves for both financial and clinical departments.
  • User empowering: We equip your changemakers with reliable data, on-demand reporting, and user-empowering solutions.
  • We’re champions of clinical-financial integrity: Our modules are built for holistically healthy hospitals, not just individual departments.

Your Goals

  • Actionable Data: Oi modules provide you with easy access to data you can actually use.
  • Focused on change: We provide next-level decision support that gets real results.
  • Industry natives who have walked the path to true cost containment: We’re software people, but we’re healthcare people first.

Your Future

  • GPS for your healthcare data analytics adventure: Our technology is constantly growing and evolving to meet your needs.
  • Path to Progressive Costing: We walk you through all phases of costing — from fundamental approaches which make the system immediately actionable, to advanced time-driven activity-based costing approaches for detailed patient profitability reporting.
  • We’re with you every step of the way: We don’t just optimize your decisions; we partner with you through the entire process.

Work better with Oi Health