Capital Planning by Oi Health

Powerful Planning. Simplified management.

Wins with Oi Capital Planning



  • Simplified capital planning process
  • Flexibility that molds to your existing decision-making processes
  • Reliable, data-focused support for your review and decision processes


  • Intuitive, powerful reporting
  • Ability to build an interview process tailored to your needs
  • Ability to view approved/denied requests during the capital acquisition process.


  • Low-impact, turn-key implementation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No software installation: Our browser-based technology means you don’t have to worry about installing software on any of your client workstations.

Why Capital Planning with Oi

Building off honest data, our Capital Planning module ensures you can compare real-life results to even the most detailed plans. This not only aligns budgeting with strategic planning, but it also makes sure all your efforts are grounded in fiscal reality.

Get to Know Capital Planning

Tap into the power of a simplified capital budget process with Oi Capital Planning.

Oi Capital Planning is the first step to a productive, end-to-end capital budget process. Thanks to a highly configurable request workflow, detailed approval process, and powerful reporting, Oi Capital Planning is the most effective foundation to launching a clean and efficient approach to capital budgeting that works smoothly for every member of your team.

Features That Make a Difference


Capital Planning Functions

  • Highly configurable request workflow
  • Ability to categorize and prioritize requested items
  • Flexible and powerful reporting
  • Purchases are automatically linked to the module for reconciling approved items and tracking throughout the budget year

Self-Service Reports

  • Asset Request List
  • Actual vs. Budget Spending Report
  • 5-Year Asset Need List


  • Developed in a 100% Microsoft environment
  • Uses the latest Microsoft and browser technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oi delivers full support for the browsers your organization uses: Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


  • Oi Pulse: We proactively monitor your system, 24/7/365, to make sure all your data feeds are functional, disk space is sufficient, and memory is plentiful.

Integrates with all other Oi modules

  • Serves as the single source of truth
  • Eliminates shadow systems

Oi Capital Planning: In Depth

This module is specifically designed to simplify managing the entire capital budget process.

Your budget administrators are empowered to create highly customized interview flows for item submissions and reviews. Managers then input their requests and provide the required information according to administrator needs.

This module also ensures a transparent and accountable approval process through options to categorize and prioritize requested items as needed. Oi’s review and approval functionality administers manager requests to increase the efficiency of your management team. At the same time, flexible and powerful reporting supports the organization’s review and decision process.

Purchases are automatically linked to the module for reconciling approved items and tracking throughout the budget year.


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