Oi Labor Productivity

Better Productivity with Less Work

Wins with Oi Labor Productivity



  • Identify significant savings opportunities by comparing UOS utilization to labor resources
  • Productivity reporting that coincides with pay cycles
  • Labor budget flexibility that matches the complexity of your efficiency challenges
  • Increased adherence to budget and planning goals thanks to the power to incorporate detailed labor standards
  • The long-term flexibility of a productivity tool that grows with the sophistication and complexity of your labor needs


  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting
  • Increased efficiency powered by graphical data views
  • Improved insight from extensive dynamic reporting
  • Better decision-making because of detailed historical trending


  • Low-impact implementation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No software installation: Our browser-based technology means you don’t have to worry about installing software on any of your client workstations.

Why Oi Labor Productivity

Oi understands that your labor decisions have a direct result on clinical care. That’s why we’ve built our Labor Productivity module to provide your managers with clear, actionable insights that empower your most important decisions.

This module pulls in data at the lowest granularity (every earning code, every pay period, every employee for hours and dollars), facilitating virtually unlimited analysis for any labor component from productivity to overtime, to premium pay and beyond.

Oi Labor Productivity goes beyond reporting and helps you build an incomparable work environment for your staff that supports all your care quality goals. Most importantly though, you’ll have Oi’s 24/7/365 personal and proactive support whenever you need it.

Get to Know Oi Labor Productivity 

This module escorts you into a new world of productivity insights.

Oi Labor Productivity provides your management with powerful reporting that not only coincides with your pay cycles but also teams up with our Cost Accounting module to pull detailed labor standards and pay cycle utilization volumes — all to create a flexible labor budget by both hours and dollars. Your results can even be compared to the fixed budget and actual, giving you a new arsenal of tools in reaching all your labor productivity goals.

Comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities include employee-level detail, responsibility reporting, and time card audit reports. Data is viewed both graphically and in schedules with extensive dynamic reporting and historical trending.

Features That Make a Difference


Labor Productivity Features

  • Flexible labor budgeting for both hours and dollars
  • Flexible budget data is compared to the fixed as well as actual budget
  • Dynamic reporting and historical trending
  • Feeds directly from Oi Cost Accounting

Self-Service Reports

  • Employee-level detail
  • Responsibility reporting
  • Time card audit reports
  • Productivity
  • Performance improvement tracking


  • Developed in a 100% Microsoft environment
  • Uses the latest Microsoft and browser technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oi delivers full support for the browsers your organization uses: Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


  • Oi Pulse: We proactively monitor your system, 24/7/365, to make sure all your data feeds are functional, disk space is sufficient, and memory is plentiful.

Integrates with all other Oi modules

  • Serves as the single source of truth
  • Eliminates shadow systems

See Oi Labor Productivity in Action 


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