Oi Financial Performance

Financial reporting flexibility you’ll fall in love with

Wins with Oi Financial Performance



  • Detailed financial performance insights via Oi Advanced Visualization
  • Pinpoint accurate decision-making thanks to Oi’s focus on “honest data”
  • Improved, data-enabled efficiency
  • Better cross-departmental alignment
  • Improved feedback and results for financial and clinical departments


  • Time saved via easy exception identification
  • Easy-to-use interface that mirrors financial statements
  • Timely, automated data that’s refreshed on a daily basis
  • Flexible sorting, grouping, and filtering parameters
  • Easy assignment and tracking of variances to managers


  • Low-impact implementation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No software installation: Our browser-based technology means you don’t have to worry about installing software on any of your client workstations.

Why Financial Performance with Oi


Oi Financial Performance is the start of a new era of understanding your financial realities.

Bringing your financial data to life is about more than general ledgers and journal entries. Oi Financial Performance intuitively enables the valuable analyses and insight you need to make better decisions and improve results. Oi makes this possible by bringing you the pristine data and side-by-side support we pride ourselves on.  

Get to Know Financial Performance


Tracking financial outcomes is a pleasure with the Oi Financial Performance module.

You’ll have streamlined access to general ledger data, journal entries, and sub-system detail as well as financial statement-based formats that encourage flexibility and ease of use.

This adaptable module includes Oi’s dynamic drill-down functionality, empowering your users to make the decisions that keep your organization financially healthy and supporting the quality care you’re known for.

Features That Make a Difference


Financial Performance Functions

  • Incorporates general ledger data (journal entries and sub-system detail including invoices, POs, and inventory detail)
  • Financial statement-like formats
  • Drill-down functionality
  • User ability to select from multiple sorting, grouping, and filtering parameters (including responsibility rollups)
  • Easy identification of exceptions either on an ad hoc basis or by request
  • Daily data refreshes  


  • Direct request of variance explanations from managers
  • Ability to assign variances meeting selected criteria to managers after initiation
  • Option to send notifications via email or Oi’s internal messaging system
  • Responses can be tracked, reported, and maintained

Self-Service Reports

  • Current year
  • Monthly
  • Year-to-date
  • Prior year
  • Flexibility and fixed budget


  • Developed in a 100% Microsoft environment
  • Uses the latest Microsoft and browser technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oi delivers full support for the browsers your organization uses: Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


  • Support services with a guaranteed initial response time ranging from 4 working hours to 24 working hours depending on the request
  • Oi Pulse: We proactively monitor your system, 24/7/365, to make sure all your data feeds are functional, disk space is sufficient, and memory is plentiful.

Integrates with all other Oi modules

Oi Financial Performance:

In Depth

Oi Financial Performance brings you a simple, financial statement-based interface while incorporating general ledger data as well as journal entries and critical subsystem detail.

This module provides current year, monthly and year-to-date data, prior year data as well as flexible and fixed budget amounts. Its flexibility is based on highly granular drill-down functionality, allowing users to select from ideal sorting, grouping, and filtering parameters to build the insights they need.

Oi Financial Performance also prioritizes easy identification of exceptions, giving your users the option of either ad hoc identification or requesting variance explanations from managers via the fully integrated and sophisticated variance request function. This process elegantly assigns variances meeting selected criteria to the proper management users. Notifications are then sent via email and/or Oi’s internal messaging system.  

This highly customizable module also enables the capture, reporting, and maintenance of each response — quickly and efficiently getting to the root cause of each variance. Through one of our most popular features, Variance Request, Oi Financial Performance empowers all management levels with the opportunity to review and provide opinions. Additionally, automated data is refreshed daily, enabling “eyes-on” data even before the books are closed.


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